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Initiatory stages of N A O S

Mystic : The initiate Homodeus must realize that he or she is different from the common Homo sapiens being. This can be done through the procedure of Reprogramming and a first understanding of Noeton.

Approval: The testimony of a Priest or Priestess.

Limitation time: Up to 1 year.

Conqueror I °, II °, III °: The Typhonian Conqueror must complete nine of his or her goals divided into three types of Conquerism. Appropriate evidence of the conquering abilities of the Typhonian must be sent to NAOS.

Approval: The testimony of two Priests or Priestesses.

Limitation time: Up to 3 years.

Priesthood of Typhon: The Typhonian should conceive and experience the presence of Typhon in order to enter The Priesthood of NAOS

Approval: Positive vote from the Priesthood of Naos.

Mystagogue: Priests and Priestesses of Typhon who initiate Mystics into the mysteries of NAOS.

Approval: Approval by the High Priest

Hierophant: The requirements are not discussed in public.

Approval: xxxxx

Limited time: xxxxx

Any individual who fails to achieve any stage will lose active membership permanently.