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Full color edition/Hardcover
Typhonia Mysteria includes the Book of Nous, a sacred text that explains magical reasoning in a world of delusion, as indicated by the Prince of Darkness.

Typhon was the most powerful God amongst the Titans, seeking revenge for his loved ones who were decimated by the Olympian Gods. Typhon was the only God who was able to defeat the Zeus, the God of humans. In this new Aeon humans experience Typhon’s wrath.

NAOS is based on the principles inherent in the Pentagram of Typhon but done from the interpretive view of the known physical properties of Energy and Matter. Integrating logic and science, it can help us find and fix imbalances in our spiritual and physical energy systems. 

The Truths hidden within the Three Aspects of Typhon; man (body), beast (mind), wings (soul) will bear clues as to where we are losing our energy; why it continues to happen and how the beliefs we hold on to determine the outcome. 

What you put forth comes back threefold.

Rare edition (previously offered only to members)/Hardcover


Typhonia Nekysia includes the Book of the Ineffable Mystery, the sacred text of the Priesthood of NAOS, which explains the five stages of the inner initiation of a Typhonian. 

Additionally, it includes an overall academic and scientific study of the history of Typhon, together with the authentic texts of Typhonian Magic. 

By owning this rare book, the reader can fully experience the Aeon of Typhon and bring his/her subjective universe into the objective reality. 

Black and white-paperback edition/Softcover. 


Black and White edition/Softcover
In these pages, a harmonic stimulation of the mind is attempted to create a short-cut to the Wisdom of Isolated Intelligence. 

The aims of this Work is to bring the reader into a journey through life, death, and rebirth. Here are the ravings from the old world.

 "...and now in total darkness, the time seems proper to announce a different kind of re-birth. The acknowledgement of the New Dark Ages. This re-birth will arrive by embracing the ugly, distorted and imperfect realities of this era. We shall walk through this decay with spirits high. We will produce our own works of art which will not be masked in light and celebration, but in darkness and decadence. And perhaps after humanity recognizes this new movement, then the true rebirth will take place. For when we come to learn from the black void, perhaps we will learn to appreciate and create the light of the future. Yes, not a re-birth. But a birth."